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Building a Better way

There's a broken sales process. Business owners and their staff are constantly bombarded with sales people. And for Sales folks, prospecting is the most challenging part of the sales process (It takes an average of 18 calls to actually connect with a buyer)

Here's how Gatekeeper works...

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Gatekeeper's simple account setup helps users get connected quickly. Here's how we do it

  • Sellers

  • Record a 60 second video that's personalized for a prospective Buyer
  • Attach supporting product/service information to your video messages
  • Get notified when a Buyer's decides to connect, delay or dismiss your offer
  • Buyers

  • Receive weekly reminders to check Seller outreach videos on the Gatekeeper platform
  • Review curated product/service information at your convenience
  • Quickly connect, delay or dismiss Seller outreach or offers

A great network within Gatekeeper

Discover a rich community of professionals and a more efficient way to a


Review outreach with ease


Create personalized outreach

Improved Buying Process

Take away the frustration of constant sales outreach at bad times and distracting employees

Keep Track of All Products/Services

Very quickly find what you need and on your own time


Disciplined, personalized outreach from sales folks; increasing relevancy and genuine empathy

Direct Contact with Decision-makers​​

Forget countless emails and calls... expand output with more efficiency by getting in direct contact with decision-makers

Personalized Messaging

Let your personality shine through video to create conversations of value and emotional resonance

Accurate Messaging

Control your brand voice and ensure value is properly communicated to differentiate your product

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